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Timing Belt from $179 & Cv Axle $99 Parts and Labour included


Change the vehicle's oil with up to 5 quarts of top quality motor oil*
Replace the oil filter with a top quality filter
Inspect the brake fluid level
Inspect the air filtration system
Inspect the wiper blades
Vacuum the interior floors
Clean the exterior windows
If needed, we also:
Lubricate the chassis
Check & fill transmission / transaxle fluid
Check & fill differential fluid
Check & fill power steering fluid
Check & fill windshield wash fluid
Check & fill battery water
Inflate the tires to proper pressure
Timing belts
Water pumps
Rack and pinion
CV Axles

RACEUP does a quality inspection on each and every car serviced. Our quality inspector physically checks to ensure that the caps are on tight, the fluid levels are full, the car has been vacuumed and the windows are cleaned properly. The quality inspector watches the technician perform the safety check under the vehicle to make sure everything is tight and secure. When a quality inspector completes your Signature Service, he or she puts a signature on the line to prove our commitment.

When you leave RACEUP, you can leave assured that your car was serviced and signed for in accordance with quality performance guidelines.

Ever wonder why replacing the oil filter is recommended with every oil change? Take a look Under the Hood and see why.


Most modern day drivers operate under severe conditions. Many automobile manufacturers recommend severe service intervals for oil changes occur every 3,000 miles.

If you operate your vehicle under any of the following conditions, your vehicle is being subjected to severe service conditions:

Short trip driving
Stop and go driving
Cold weather driving
Driving in dusty conditions
Hot weather driving
Driving in mountainous terrain
Poor engine maintenance
For more information on what makes your motor run, take a look Under the Hood.


At RACEUP, you can have more than just your oil changed. Did you know that RACEUP can also perform other routine maintenance on your vehicle. Here's a sample of some of the variety of additional services available at RACEUP:

Air Conditioning Evacuation and Recharge
Air Filtration Replacement
Fuel Injection System Service
Gearbox Service
Headlight Replacement
Radiator Coolant Service
Serpentine Belt Replacement
Tire Rotation/Balancing
Automatic Transmission Service
Windshield Repair
Wiper Blade Replacement
* Some services are not available at all locations